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This page was built in partnership with Rachel North, a freelance illustrator under the name est.north, based in Bristol, UK. You can follow and get in touch with Rachel via her social media below. 

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...rachel's story...

It was during one my infrequent, late night ramblings with my mother that I first became aware of the reluctant widow. It had been shortly after my graduation and my mother had got me in touch with her about making the website.

 My mother now 4 years widowed, had lost my stepdad very suddenly and out of the blue. We had all been there together during the final week of his life and we embarked on the harrowing road of the future ahead of us.

There had been things I had expected going from there. Mostly the sorrow and feeling of loss, the carpet being swept from underneath you, along with a plethora of anecdotal crap that has long been associated with death. On the other hand, there were things that I did not expect. Anger. Frustration. Blame. Guilt. Misunderstanding.

When mum had talked about the reluctant widow there was a passion in her voice as she spoke of the resonance with her posts. Having shared a few posts with me that TRW had written, I felt a new understanding of my mum’s grief. Beautiful emotional experiences that maybe my mother was trying to untangle herself.

The TRW has been an integral part of connecting my mother to a network where she is understood and respected, its been a pleasure to be a part of making the website. For what she’s done for my mum and countless others in her shoes, how can you repay that?