Be Your Own Cheerleader

Making a life for yourself after you've experienced the death of someone very close to you, let's face it, it's bloody difficult.

There will be people in your life that will rally around you and step it up to be the support you need, perhaps you're part of a support group that gives you the comfort and reassurance that you need.

Then there will be those that walk away, they may stick around for a while, but their support soon disappears, and that's tough. It's something that I really struggled with, because I've been that person supporting a bereaved person, and I'd never even dream of backing away, you ramp up the love and support, never mind remove it.....but that's me.

Our biggest cheerleader was always our other half, and without them, it's very easy to stop believing in yourself, and it's easy to get into a sad place when you don't have your cheerleader.

I really miss my cheerleader. He believed in me so wholeheartedly, it actually rubbed off on me. I started to see the things that he saw, and it gave me such confidence, it felt amazing.

Without him, I just felt exposed and vulnerable, and it was such an awful feeling.

What's the solution? We can't bring them back to be there for us. what else can we do?

Be your own cheerleader, that's what.

You deserve it, there is no-one who knows you better, and deep inside you believe in yourself, and if you don't, you need to start.

You're doing this. I know it can be hard, and there are days when you just can't do anything but cry, that's ok because it's so natural to feel this way, but you deserve love, all that love and support you give to others, you need to send some your way too.

Don't ever be THAT person that doesn't believe in you. You are wonderful, brave, courageous and doing an amazing job of keeping yourself going through these really difficult times, day by day, step by step, taking one breath at a time.

You. Are. Fabulous.

Sending lots of love to you.

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