How To Care For A Sad Person

Sometimes, it is just important to know when enough is enough. The fierce stubborn part of me wants to stay up till midnight. The tears sat rolling down my face like a river tell me that's a stupid plan, and I just need to go to bed.

Today, I got up, I functioned, I got showered and dressed and occasionally managed to smile, I went to work and I'm drained.

Time to take off the mask and just "be".

I send a gentle hug to you all, and leave you with this. It's always been one of my favourite memes - how to care for a sad person. I particularly like the idea of being wrapped up like a little sushi roll.

Even in times of sadness, if you can manage a smile, as tiny as it may be, you know you're going to be ok.

In the darkness, look for stars, always.

Sending you all stars to light up the dark skies that may surround you tonight.

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