If You're Struggling...

We're all fighting our own battles. Whether it's with our feelings and emotions, coping with our loss, dealing with difficult family members, changing relationships with the in laws, our children, losing friends, new status in life....... The list of changes we endure is endless and the battles we go through, they can feel so overwhelming.

So whatever battle you're fighting today, or you've fought through so far, you're amazing.

For all those battles lying ahead, you've got this. You've managed every day so far, and you'll continue to.

You're strong. Stronger than you realise, and give yourself credit for.

If you can find it in you to be proud of yourself, I'm proud for you. I know our journeys are not the same, but I've felt pain and I know how hard each day can feel. Whatever you're struggling with right now, and you can't find the strength to be proud of yourself, I am so so proud of you for not giving up.

Sending strength to all who need it.

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