Taking Time Out

Grief is completely overwhelming, especially in the earlier days of your journey. There's so much to do and you're dealing with practical stuff, emotional stuff, trying to make life continue and it can just be too much sometimes.

In the midst of this scary pandemic, things may feel magnified. This is normal, I promise, it's OK to feel this way. I have received so many direct messages from people who are struggling to do this alone.

Even before the pandemic hit, I got messages all the time from people telling me how much they were struggling with their grief.

Please don't feel alone, others feel this too.

It's so important that we acknowledge the need to just stop. Just take a time out. Everything around you can wait. Everyone around you can wait.

The important thing right now is you, your self care and kindness to you.

It feels like a hamster wheel. You don't have to keep on running. Stop and let your brain rest.

Sending you all lots of sparkles , hugs and strength via the interweb.

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