Please Be There

A note to our friends.

Please don't stop being there.

We might keep saying no to invites, or cancelling catch ups or nights out, we not answer the door when you pop round, we may not reply to texts or return calls. We might say no many times, for days, weeks, months, years, but please, never stop asking.

We might be short, snappy or appear agitated if we do reply. It isn't personal, I promise. It's just hard living this grief life. This life that the one we love is no longer part of. It is so hard to get our heads around.

We're doing our best to keep our heads above water, please understand that we're trying our best. We really are.

Just be there, be present, be kind, and listen.

This journey is difficult and it's very draining, without adding in the fact that day-to-day life also needs to go on.

Please be kind. Please stick around. Your love is needed by us.

It might take time to return to the real world, please be there for us when we do, and when we're ready.

I loved this amazing meme on Instagram - lifedeathwhat - go check em out.

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