The Things They Never Told You: Grief & Physical Symptoms

I honestly never realised how exhausting grief would be. I always knew it would mentally exhaust me but I was never prepared for just how physically draining it would feel.

The tiredness, the sheer physical exhaustion, the aches pains all over my body, my inability to catch a proper deep breath, it always felt like I was always on the brink of having an anxiety attack and not being able to breathe properly. It left me feeling utterly done in, burnt out, emotionally and physically.

My body just hurt everywhere. Every limb felt heavy, and moving was an effort. It felt awful, I felt drunk, everything was cloudy. I had no energy to do anything, I just felt constantly exhausted, no matter how much I slept.

I had that horrible feeling of tightness in my chest, I felt like something really bad was about to happen, that my heart might stop, I hated it. It made life a living hell.

I kept wondering if I was going mad. It didn't seem normal that all these things were happening, and I was so scared it was something serious. I went to see the doctor, and described what had been happening, only to be told it was grief.

I never expected that grief would affect my life in the way it did, but I certainly never imagined that it would affect me physically.

As if grief isn't hard enough already....... It really does throw some curved balls out, doesn't it?

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