The Value Of "I Get It"

Grieving is a very lonely affair. For the moments before the funeral, I genuinely felt a little bit of hope that my future would be made easier by those around me who had promised to always be there for me and take care of me...

We all know how that ends, more often than not.

People stuck around for a little while, but they soon got back to their normal lives, and very soon I felt totally isolated in my grief, and it was awful.

What helped immensely, was finding people, like me, who knew the pain of losing their partners. The value of "I get it"means the world.

In founding The Reluctant Widow, I found so many others in the same position as me, and it has helped beyond measure. There are many other sanctuaries like my page, and I really hope you find the place where you feel you belong, and where you feel listened to and understood. You are always welcome to come and join us:

Are there any places that you have found that have helped you?

Sending love and hugs, always.

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