Tough Times Never Last

I have a saying that I love. It really helps to keep me grounded, and to live in today, and not worry about what comes next.

This is NOT our forever.

These times are tough, they're challenging, unprecedented, isolating and incredibly difficult for so many, but I feel they're nothing compared to losing my husband. I've done my most difficult thing in the world. He died, and I learnt to live my life without him in my physical life, but forever inside my heart.

We can, and will do this. This won't last forever. We are tough, and we'll get through this, together. We can do anything.

One breath at a time, one minute at a time, one day at a time.

Take whatever time you need, but know that you are stronger that you think. You have survived the most heartbreaking trauma and loss in your life, and you are still here.

You are strong. Never forget.

Much love, and sending you strength if you need it x

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